Image of KMP UK TACTICAL “850” Cuff Pouch

KMP UK TACTICAL “850” Cuff Pouch

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Introducing the newest addition to the KMP UK TACTICAL range of cuff pouches and Emergency Services PPE

The KMP 850 Cuff Pouch is a dedicated belt worn pouch made specifically for the TCH 850 folding rigid cuffs

Until recently, the carriage options for the TCH 850 handcuffs has been limited – with the same, cheaply made, inferior pouches or the old school leather pouches being offered to its users.
For a modern and effective piece of kit, the pouches just did not do the trick. This is where KMP UK TACTICAL has stepped up the game yet again

Handmade in UK with the help from our manufacturing partners, we have used the highest quality materials and high-tech design methods to invent a dedicated, modern alternative method of carriage which has taken the market by storm

The specs:

- Handmade in the UK using genuine KYDEX material
- Moulded and shaped using high tech methods and machining to aide retention and product longevity
- Rugged yet low-profile design
- Dedicated pouch for use with TCH 850 Folding Rigid Cuffs
- Fully adjustable Belt mounted system
- fits most belt sizes from casual belts up to standard issue 2 1/4 inch duty belts
- Quick-Release button for easy mounting and removal
- Belt mount can be replaced with after-market kit for mounting to molle systems if required
- Adjustable retention – simply adjust the mounting screws to desired retention
- High tech design encourages natural upward motion draw. This aides PPE retention and stops cuffs being removed during encounters or accidental droppages
- Perfect for back up cuffs or a dedicated carriage method for police officers, security staff, Close Protection and undercover/plain clothes operational use

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