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Our kit needs to meet the highest of standards for the demands of our police, military and security services customers around the world. It must be fit for purpose, practical and innovative - not just another gimmick

Introducing the KMP Stop/Search Dump Pouch

Designed especially for Police Officers, Military Personnel, Security & door staff Operatives who engage in Stop/Search activities, the KMP STOP/SEARCH Dump Pouch allows you to conduct your search and store found items safely & securely - without the need to disengage from the subject

Not only does this increase officer/operative safety, it increases your spacial and situational awareness - mitigating possible threats during a search, limits damage/loss to a persons property & promotes the safe storage of evidence

Suitable for belt and molle vest mounting, the pouch is small and lightweight.
It's design Allows for rapid, one handed deployment & it can be sealed shut. But the best bit - its “tear-away” design feature means the pouch can be removed from its mount for ease of transporting property, storage and emptying. It can also be lined with police approved evidence bags - avoiding the risk of cross contamination and ensuring continuity of evidence

The Stop/Search Dump Pouch is your next must have bit of kit!

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