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KMP Molle Baton Holder


Introducing the all new KMP Baton Holder from KMP UK TACTICAL

Simple in design, the KMP Baton Holder works in a similar way to a "TACO" pouch. With a built in holster system which clamps down on the inserted police issue baton and offers adjustable retention which allows you to choose your preferred drawing strength for kit/weapon retention and officer safety

Simply pull the bungee cord to tighten for a stiffer draw, or loosen for a free moving fit

It's design allows for rapid acquisition of the baton during a high risk scenario when use of force is required to defend yourself or another - No poppers! No Velcro! No nonsense!

It's low profile, is molle compatible to the front to allow affixing of further smaller pouches/kit if required and is fitted with a modern style malice clip which locks in place when fitted to your kit. This malice clip fitting allows the holder to be mounted in a number of ways to your kit - whether that be vest worn, belt mounted, or a drop leg platform for firearms and specialist units

Due to its unique design, it can also be used covertly to be worn on casual belts if required

Designed to work with all modern molle style uniform and kit, including belt rigs, tac vests and drop leg platforms - it has been designed to allow an operator preferred "method of carriage"

Compatible with all police issue extendable batons

Available in Tactical Black, Ranger Green (PSNI) or Wolf Grey (CTSFO)
Other colours can be made on request especially for military use (Tan/Camo)

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