Image of KMP “COVERT OP’S” Tactical Messenger Pack

KMP “COVERT OP’S” Tactical Messenger Pack

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Introducing the "COVERT OP's" tactical Messenger pack from KMP UK TACTICAL

Designed especially for covert operations, the COVERT OP's pack allows for the discreet carriage of essential kit, PPE and op specific equipment, which can be carried in a "hidden in plain sight" fashion by any operator, yet ready to respond should the situation dictate

The pack has been designed to allow for several methods of carriage and can be worn under outer clothing like jackets and coats. Its also been designed to allow for several different modes of carriage to suit the wearer - as a shoulder bag, fanny pack/bum bag or as a modified chest rig with the simple adjustment of the quick detach shoulder strap

The COVERT OP'S pack also has a secondary retention strap for use in waist pack or chest rig mode, which ensures a secure fit of the pack to the body and stops the pack from flapping or moving around during dynamic movement. This is most noticeable when used as a chest rig pack for drawing weapons, mag changes/dynamic reloads for armed personnel

The COVERT OP'S pack is an ideal carriage system for any officer - armed or unarmed or departments who require a low cost, yet effective means of safe kit storage and carriage during high risk/covert situations

The Specs:

- fully adjustable messenger style bag with several carriage modes
- shoulder bag/fanny pack/bum bag/semi chest rig
- Fully adjustable straps and retention with "quick detach" clips for rapid conversion of carriage modes
- 2 main compartments for separation of essential kit/PPE
- TASER storage
- SLP/Sidearm storage
- x2 carbine magazine pouches with adjustable separators
- Molle compatible areas
- hook/loop to front for patches/name tags
- internal hook/loop areas
- hidden pocket to rear
- comfortable and adjustable shoulder/waist strap with cushioned shoulder pad and molle area suitable for optional add ons/radio dock etc
- made from durable, weather resistant (not waterproof) cordura®️

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