Image of “CODE-ZERO” Full Face Vented Balaclava

“CODE-ZERO” Full Face Vented Balaclava



"CODE-ZERO" the all new budget range of quality gear from KMP UK TACTICAL

Brand new to our "CODE-ZERO" range

Introducing The "CODE-ZERO" full face balaclava from KMP UK TACTICAL

Made with the tactical operator in mind, this face covering has been specifically designed for use in dynamic and tactical situations for specially trained officers

Made from a mix of 90% nylon & 10% spandex, the balaclava is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. And with its breathable and moisture wicking capabilities, it's comfortable to wear in hot weather conditions or inside buildings and structures

It's Mesh design features in 3 areas offer many added benefits not usually found in existing products:

- top of the head: means heat can escape during prolonged dynamic movement

- mouth: breath can dissipate faster and easier offering many tactical benefits - meaning less moisture build up, breath is pushed forward rather than up reducing fogging of eye protection

- ears: increases hearing capabilities and improves situational awareness both with or without hearing protection

Due to the materials used in manufacture (nylon/spandex) the KMP full face balaclava is NOT fire retardant and should not be used in areas of fire or exposed to extreme temperatures as the material can melt if exposed to direct flame, heat sources or extreme temperatures. Doing so could cause serious risk of injury to the user

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