Image of Tactical Gear Rustic Wall Hangers

Tactical Gear Rustic Wall Hangers

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As you all know, we’re always hard at work - beavering away designing new, awesome Products which are totally unique...

Well, we have been working on this one for a while, perfecting the minor points to get it absolutely perfect. We’re Happy to say, it looks sweet as F*** and now ready for mass production

I give you our awesome - Tactical Kit Wall hangers

Each one is hand made from single strips of real wood, hand painted and finished in a rustic design. The plate & lid carrier is made from high quality steel piping

A truly awesome piece of patriotic wall art which actually serves a purpose!

Use them to Decorate your man cave, finish off that trophy room or hang with pride in your kit room / zombie apocalypse preparedness base 🤙🏻

AVAILABLE IN UK & USA - other countries available soon

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